Mosquito coil funding for hospitals in Vietnam

Painted chickens JicaPaint antiMos ecological mosquito is the long-standing research result of the Japanese Paint Company- Japanese Corporation, on the principle of environmentally friendly safety, the principle of ecological chasing paint JicaPaint antiMos based The biological, physical and chemical characteristics of insects (mosquitoes) with natural herbs such as bồ kết, thyme, chrysanthemum, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus .... These herbs are safe and effective. The oils of these herbs are formulated into the Special Paint (Emulsion Paint) by the Japanese Paint Corporation together with some anti-volatile additives The ability to store essential oils in the paint surface to release crystalline essential oil slowly, slowly.
JicaPaint AntiMos with low volatiles (Low VOC) blends with the essence of BiotechPaint technology that will stay long on the wall. Paint once effective anti-mosquito to 2-3 years. Especially JicaPaint AntiMos is not harmful to health. Active anti-mosquito made from natural herbs have been tested and certified by the Japanese corporation to ensure the safety of humans, animals and the environment. Has been used by food manufacturers, schools, cafes, households, ....
Wishing to contribute to the protection of human health, clean the environment, kill mosquitoes and insects, prevent dengue fever and mosquito-borne diseases. Japanese Paint Company is requesting sponsorship of mosquito repellent paint for some areas of some key hospitals in Vietnam.
It is expected that each hospital company will sponsor about 200 to 300m2. The implementation period of the funding plan is about 2 years, estimated number of hospitals receiving funding about 30 hospitals.